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Eco Star's Winter Topic Is Energy Conservation

Students performed skits demonstrating things kids can do in their everyday lives to conserve energy. For kids, energy is something often not thought about or seen, so the assembly brought awareness to it and how it can cause pollution in some cases. The theme was: Make sure not to waste energy, and be aware of times when you don’t even need to use energy at all!


Since the assembly, students, teachers, and parents have begun to share what actions they are taking to conserve energy. Join them and share how your child/family has become an Eco Star by writing to the Green Team.


Parent Volunteers Needed


The Green Team is in need of several parent volunteers for two projects related to waste reduction: 1) revamping recycling in both school cafeterias and 2) establishing a reuse program of little toys and rewards that teachers use.


Please contact the Green Team for more details.
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