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Soul at South Mountain is Back!

We are thrilled to relaunch our lunchtime concert series, Soul at South Mountain. This program invites local musicians and those involved in the cultural arts to come in and play for our students during lunch time -  musicians of almost any age are welcome. The first relaunch will focus on the Big School. As we know, many parents, care givers, and siblings have serious talent! We are reaching out to you first to celebrate music.


Please consider making this small time commitment. Lunch sessions run from 11:10am to 1:00pm. After the kids settle in, performers only have about 15-20 minutes. We would love to start this winter and run through the spring, and we can most likely accommodate your requested date to shine.


So dust off your cellos and violins, key up your ivories, and practice your vocal scales. There is no talent too small...your youthful audience will welcome you with open arms and ears. Let's make music matter and embrace our Soul at South Mountain. Please contact  Sarah Barack to book your gig, ask about sound set ups, or anything else you may be wondering about the program. 
Note: If you would like to come in but can only commit to a small time frame please let us know.

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