Why Do We Fundraise? 


We want our school and students to thrive! Funds raised supplement our school budget and supports and enhances our school in so many important ways. By building funds through PTA initiatives, we provide our students and staff with innovative and culturally broadening programs, access to cutting-edge technology and equipment, and avenues to create a positive school community and identity.


Where Do Your Fundraising Dollars Go?


School Support

Art show, cultural arts programming, assemblies, library programs, recess and playground supplies, school newspaper, spirit day, various stem programs/purchases, roller skating night, Worldfest and so much more!


Teacher Support

Teacher mini-grant program: which provides funds for teachers for use in their classrooms or for collaboration across an entire grade level. The grant money goes directly into the classrooms for our students’ immediate benefit. 


Staff Appreciation: We supported our teachers and other school staff through Teacher Appreciation Lunches and Gifts acknowledging the great work they do with our kids every day. 


Family Support

Ensuring that financial limitations don't prevent students from participating in events, field trips, book fair, purchasing spirit wear, school supplies, etc.


If you ever need financial assistance to participate in any of our events throughout the year, please reach out to us or any of the following; Principal- Kevin Mason (kmason@somsd.k12.nj.us), Social Worker- Ms. Shazaan Napoleon (snapoleo@somsd.k12.nj.us) or your students' teacher. 


Community/District Support

- SOMA Shares

- CHS Scholarship to a former SMS Superstar

- Parenting Center

- Achieve Foundation